Sending a Mass Message to Participants

The mass messaging functionality allows care team members to deliver individual messages to sets of participants with just one send. Coaches may send mass messages to a set of participants within the Not Enrolled, Enrolled or Archived Dashboards, and may segment by organization, group or coach. Coaches may further segment the set of participants receiving the mass message using Twine's filters.

When to use mass messaging: 

  • A quick "hello" to everyone in your panel after the weekend to build rapport
  • To engage members after a holiday to help them get back on track
  • Reminders about upcoming events, challenges or programs
  • Notifications if you're leaving for a well-deserved vacation 
  • Sending congratulations to participants with a positive adherence trend

Follow the steps below to send a mass message to your participants.

  1. From the Not Enrolled, Enrolled or Archived Dashboard, select the view of participants for which you want to mass message. Below, we selected Coach Clarisa's enrolled participants. Then, select the 3 stacked dots to the left of the filter menu to open a dropdown menu. 


    *Please note that if you would like to message those from a specific filtering result, you should apply the filter prior to opening the mass message menu.


  2. From the dropdown menu, select Message to Dashboard.


  3. This opens a window to write your free text message. Note that including hyperlinks is supported in the mass message functionality. Although there is no true character max, Twine recommends keeping your message 140 characters or less (see image below).

    You may view the list of participants receiving your message by selecting the "Recipients" tab, as well as the total number of recipients. At this time, the list is view only, and you may not remove or add participants from/to this list.


  4. Select the red "send" button to send your message. Once sent, you will see your mass message as the most recently sent message in the dashboard.

A few tips on mass messaging:
1. When sending messages to more than 150 recipients, it may take a few minutes for all messages to be delivered. 

2. Mass messages will not display as the most recent message in the Enrolled Dashboard. This is so you and your team do not see the same message throughout your entire dashboard. Instead, the dashboard will display the last message sent before the mass message. 





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