Deactivating a Group

There may be times when you no longer use certain groups in Twine, such as when:

  • A program is no longer offered
  • You're no longer providing services to a client
  • A short-term challenge is ending
  • And more

If you don't plan to support segmentation via a particular group in Twine, you may deactivate it. Note that when deactivating a group, that group will be removed from the care team of all participant profiles that were associated with it. This cannot be reversed.

Take the following steps to deactivate a group in Twine:

  1. Navigate to Groups in the Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the group you wish to deactivate
  3. Remove all team members from the group you wish to deactivate

  4. Once all team members are removed, select the red deactivate button

  5. Confirm that you'd like to deactivate this group

  6. Your group is now deactivated, and can find it in the Deactivated list

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