When would I use Code-Based Registration (or not)?

Code-Based Registration is an alternative registration path for participants that allows for more flexibility in inviting your participants to access the Twine app with you. The traditional path requires that you create participant accounts using their email address and date of birth prior to inviting them to join. Code-Based Registration allows participants to create their own Twine accounts, and the 4-digit Group Invite Code connects them to the appropriate group at the time of registration.

When might I offer Code-Based Registration?

You might offer Code-Based Registration as a registration path for your participants if you aren't able to gather their email addresses and/or dates of birth. Instead, you could provide your participants with the 4-digit Group Invite Code to create their own accounts in the appropriate group.

Some groups may want to provide the Group Invite Code to participants as a backup, in the event that participants run into a registration error when trying to claim an existing account (incorrect email address on file, typo in date of birth, etc.). In this case, participants would would use the traditional registration path of claiming their account using email address and date of birth. They would use the Group Invite Code only if that path failed, and you wanted reduce the barrier to entry.

When might I not offer Code-Based Registration?

You would likely not offer Code-Based Registration to your participants if you participant Twine accounts are imported into Twine from another system, such as an EHR.

You would likely not offer Code-Based Registration to your participants if you are able to easily gather email addresses and dates of birth for your population. Instead, you might use Twine's importable file uploader to mass create accounts for your participants.

You might not offer Code-Based Registration to your participants if you meet with them in-person or telephonically to invite and assist them with joining you in the Twine app. 


If participants use Code-Based Registration to create their own Twine account, a team member with the role Membership Requests Admin must approve that participant’s request to join your group. This means that participants will be in a “waiting room” of sorts until their request is approved (or declined). If participants instead claim an existing account, they’ll automatically join your group and will be visible in the Enrolled Dashboard.

If you have questions about how or when to use code-based registration with your participant population, please contact your Customer Success Manager!

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