Syncing Twine with Fitbit

Twine may be synced with Fitbit. This allows data to be imported into Twine from Fitbit.

Before synchronizing Twine and Fitbit, double check the following:

  • If you're using your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, ensure that you have the latest version of the Twine app installed 
  • Ensure that you have health actions or measurements in your action plan in Twine associated with the data you want imported from Fitbit.  

Follow the steps below to synchronize Twine and Fitbit:

  1. Open the Twine app on your phone or computer, and Log In if you are not yet logged in
  2. Open the navigation menu on the left side of your screen
    • If on the mobile app, tap the three stacked lines in the upper left corner of your screen
  3. Select Settings from the navigation menu
  4. Scroll down and select Fitbit

  5. An on/off toggle is in the upper right corner of the screen. Switch the toggle to on 
  6. Switching the toggle to on opens a screen to log into your Fitbit account. Log in with your Fitbit username and password
    • Note that if you are already logged into Fitbit in your browser, you will not be prompted for your Fitbit username or password
  7. Once logged in to your Fitbit account, tap the pink allow button to give Twine permission to read your data from Fitbit. You must complete this step in order to synchronize Twine and Fitbit
  8. Return to the Twine app. You'll see that the synchronization is now enabled! Twine will import the last 30 days of data from Fitbit for any metric types in your Twine health action plan(s). Going forward, new data will added in Fitbit should be available in Twine almost immediately.

What data can be synced from Fitbit to Twine?

So long as you have the corresponding health actions in Twine, the following data can flow from Fitbit into Twine:

Twine Health Action Category Twine Health Action Title Twine Metric
Lifestyle Regular Exercise Steps
Lifestyle Regular Exercise Distance
Lifestyle Regular Exercise Flights Climbed
Lifestyle Regular Exercise Basal Metabolic Rate
Lifestyle Regular Exercise Active Calories
Lifestyle Sleep Time Asleep
Lifestyle Water Cups
Health Measurements Weight Weight
Health Measurements Body Mass Index BMI
Health Measurements Body Fat Percentage Body Fat Percentage
Health Measurements Heart Rate Resting Heart Rate


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