Tell your coach more about your health with "Me"

Me allows you to complete a Motivation Statement and Health Profile. It also shows you your care team and basic information. The Health Profile can be updated manually at any time. If you have Health Actions that relate to the questions in the Health Profile, Twine automatically updates both places to prevent double entry. Completing your Health Profile  helps you and your coach find meaningful goals to work on together in Twine.

To access the Health Profile, select "Me" on the navigation bar:

Here you can complete your Motivation Statement in response to the prompt "My motivation is..."



Your coach will be able to see your Purpose Statement to help keep your motivation strong during your coaching work.

Tap on the Health Profile area you're interested in: Lifestyle Behaviors, Mental Health, and Preventative Care. Answer as many questions as you'd like: Twine will save whatever you enter and be available for updating at any time. Your coach will get an alert each time you've entered new information so that you can discuss it together!


If your Care Team uses Twine to manage a Rewards Program, you can review your Rewards by tapping on this icon, available at the bottom of the Me tab:




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