Health Profile

The Health Profile collects patient responses to health screening questions outside of data collected for the Health Action Plan. This tool may be leveraged to identify meaningful health goals and guide coaching conversations. 

How do patients update their Health Profile?

Patients can update their Health Profile by selecting "Me" on their navigation bar.



The Me section displays a patient's care team, basic demographic information, and the Health Profile. The Health Profile consists of questions addressing Lifestyle Behaviors, Mental Health, and Preventative Care. Patients can answer as many or as few of the questions as they want, and they can update their Health Profile at any time. If completed in the app, appropriate Preventative Care questions are served up based on sex and date of birth. 

How do coaches access Health Profile?

Coaches can access a patient's Health Profile from the Health Profile window that appears in the patient vitals area, all the way to the right when clicking into a patient's account in Twine. The window displays the percentage of the profile that has been completed by the patient. Coaches can also edit and update the Health Profile on the patient's behalf. 



 Clicking into the Health Profile window opens a slide-out view of the questions and the patient's responses. Care teams can use this to get a more complete view of a patient's health as well as to guide the development of health goals and health action plans that reflect their patients' needs. Quick access to the messenger feature is available to support conversations in context of this view. 





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