Coaching Presence Tools: Photo and Coach Profile

Here's how to access your Photo/Profile:  

1. Click on the menu slide out on the top left hand corner of your screen:


2. A slide out menu will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Click on Settings:


3. Upload a photo under Photo. Add a brief bio/summary of yourself under Coach Profile.




Why is my picture and profile important?

When your picture and profile are complete, patients see you when they first log-on: 



And read about you when they tap or click on your photo above their messenger:



Your visibility engages patients with the real connection you offer. Establishing presence models what you're looking to create: timely, collaborative, and personalized communication.


What happens when my photo and profile aren't complete?


Patients see your empty coach avatar when they first log-on:



And your empty profile when they tap or click on your photo above their messenger:



Notice the difference in feeling? In this example, the lights are on but no one is home! Patients may think "My coach doesn't even use this app..." and miss what online coaching has to offer. 


What to say in your Coach Profile: 


A solid Health Coach Profile builds rapport and establishes you as a trustworthy provider. It is not a resume or CV. Your profile personalizes the Twine experience by briefly reflecting your professional brand and that of your organization. Because patients often read your profile on their small-screened mobile devices and the profile is meant only to deliver a brief impression of you, we encourage sticking to <250 characters (or fewer!) whenever possible. Brevity is the soul of wit!


As you complete your Health Coach Profile, we suggest using the following questions as a guide:


1. Why coaching, or, what is your coaching philosophy?

Aim for 1-2 lines. Example: "The best part of my day is helping others discover what works to reach their health goals."


2. What are some relevant facts to share with patients about your experience, education or credentials?

Pick 1 or 2 details that will help patients know about the expertise you offer. Example: "I am a Registered Nurse specializing in diabetes. Knowing all the ways diabetes impacts lives, I focus on caring for the whole self."


3. What are some unique facts that could reveal the person behind the screen? 

Of course, for your 1-2 lines in this section, keep it professional and relatable. Example: "On the weekends, you can find me keeping up with my dogs, Scout and Tiger, on our weekly hike at Blue Hills. Ask me about them any time!"


Now your turn! Write your coach bio. When you're done, challenge yourself to stay brief. Can the text be cut in half? by a third? Does the text make the quick first impression you hoped to leave your patients? 



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