The 5 A's: How to Talk to Patients About Twine

Virtual coaching is new to patients and coaches alike. This article includes resources from the How to Talk to Patients About Twine (recording available):

  • The 5 A's: Talking to Patients About Twine Tool
  • Patient Role Play Examples

If you've only got 10 minutes: Download the Talking to Patients Guide, available at the bottom of this article. Reference this tool prior to patient visits to guide your interactions. In addition to this resource, here are some tools to help patients understand "what's in it for them" when it comes to using Twine: 

If you and your team are ready for a deeper dive: Download both of the attached PDFs, watch the "How to Talk to Patients About Twine" webinar recording, and get together with your colleagues and use our best practices conversation guide to define how you'll introducing Twine to your patients.


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