Twine allows you to message with your care team: 

Below are some of the features and functionalities of the Twine messenger:


Sort messages by type:

For easy reference, filter by: 

  • All Messages
  • Calendar Items
  • Notes      
  • Attachments    
  • Links 

See if a message has been read by your care team:

See the chat bubble with the red circle and white slash through it? Any names following that chat bubble are individuals who have not read the above message. Once an individual reads that message, his/her name will disappear. Once all individuals have read that message, the chat bubble with the red circle will disappear.

See who is participating in your conversation:

You can see which members of your care team are watching your conversation. Their pictures will be at the top of your "Messages" page, to the right of your profile picture.

Attach items:

Attach your photos or documents by selecting the paper clip or camera in the chat box.

Bring other members from your care team into the conversation:

To bring another member of your care team into the conversation, mention them by typing "@" into the chat box. This will open a dropdown menu of coaches on your care team (as well as Twine Support!) to bring into the conversation. Select the coach you wish to engage, and type your message.



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