The Calendar

Leverage events to keep you and your patient accountable to continually evolving health action plans and your coaching relationship. We recommend Plan-Check Ins, dedicated to discussing progress on Health Action Cards, 2-4 weeks after Health Action Plans are created or edited. You can learn more about how to pair continuous coaching with calendar events here. 

View your calendar, with all coach-created patient events, from the Enrolled Dashboard: 


Create events for individual patients

You may create calendar events for your patients from your Enrolled Dashboard or from within a patient's profile. 

Create events from the Enrolled Dashboard

  1. Navigate to your Enrolled Dashboard Calendar, and select the date timeframe you wish (day, week, month)
  2. Hover your mouse over and select the time slot for which you wish to create an event

  3. A slide out menu will appear on the right to create a new event.

    Take the following steps to edit and save the event:
    1. Search for the patient's name or email address, and select the profile from the search results
    2. Title the event (the title will be patient-facing!)
    3. Add or remove Attendees to the event
    4. Select the appropriate Event Type
    5. Edit the Date and Time
    6. Add a Location and Notes to provide the event attendees with more information
    7. Select Create Event to save it to the attendees' Twine calendars

Create events from the patient's profile

  1. Open your patient's account to the Calendar page

  2. To reveal the times for which you are already booked, slide the Show Booked Times toggle to on

  3. To create a new event for the patient, you may select the + new event button, or you may click on a time slot in the patient's calendar

  4. This opens a slide out menu on the right. Complete the fields in the menu, and select Create Event to save it to your and your patient's calendar

  5. You may also filter existing calendar events in the patient's account by event type


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