The Patient Messenger

The messenger allows you to provide timely coaching support between visits. This feature allows you to build rapport, assess progress, and identify barriers to change. During the first two weeks of building a new Health Action Plan, message patients daily to establish coaching presence. After that, weekly, or as needed, interaction supports successful continuous coaching. Of course, we encourage coaches to modify message frequency based on their patients preferences and readiness. 


  • To send a message to a patient, click on the message icon within their profile: 

  • You can reply to patients directly from your Enrolled dashboard:

  • To send a message to other members of the patient’s care team about that specific patient, type @ and the names of other members of the care team will appear automatically (as seen below). Select the care team member you would like to invite to the conversation. Once your message is sent, it will appear as an unread message to the care team member.

  • You may do the same to call in @support at any time if you experience technical difficulty. 

  • After each message you send, the names of all persons who have received the message but have not read the message will appear below the message screen.

  • Messages also support attachments and hyperlinks. Click on the paperclip in order to attach pictures or documents from your computer.

  • You can view messages by the entire stream, calendar events, plan updates, attachments and links: 


  • Primary coaches receive an “unread message” alert each time a patient or care team member sends a message and are automatically watching every conversation for which they are a primary coach.

  • Secondary coaches (e.g. providers) receive messages when they are mentioned in the conversation using the @ symbol, or when they manually "watch" the conversation.

    This is done so that providers can receive messages that are critical to them without having to read the entire conversation thread between a patient and a primary coach. Once a secondary coach replies, he also automatically begins to “watch” (i.e. get all messages) the conversation until he chooses to “unwatch”. Secondary coaches can choose to “watch” or “unwatch” any conversation by using the gear icon on the top right hand side of the messages screen.

Tip: You can see the pictures of the coaches currently watching the conversation in the message slide out.


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