Step Three: Select Enrollment Goals and Strategies

Here's how to complete this step:

  1. Decide who you are enrolling. Will it be your entire population, or, just a specific group or program (like patients with diabetes)? Typically, Twine customers that only enroll select patients choose a population that will either get the most clinical benefit from coaching (i.e. their hypertensive population) or one that represents patients receiving special coaching services as part of a membership. Determine how you’ll flag these patients out of your general patient population. The number of available patients in your selected target population will help you set your enrollment goal. 
  2. Set your enrollment goal. An enrollment goal describes the time frame by which you'd like to enroll your target patient population into Twine. Here's how to set realistic goals for your organization:
    1. Familiarize with what is expected from coaches to deliver strong coaching outcomes with Twine. As you enroll patients, coaches need enough time to learn the tool, stay responsive to patients, and make a positive first impression.
    2. Use the Enrollment Calculator available in the Prepare section of Workspaces to help determine an appropriate enrollment goal by coach. With this calculator, you can adjust for factors like hours worked per week and timeframe you'd like to reach your enrollment goals to see what to expect consider against your current workforce. When things first start, take into consideration coaches new to Twine may benefit from a slower pace as they learn to coach with Twine.
  3. Decide how patient accounts will be created. You can: 
  4. Develop your enrollment workflows. 
    • New patient enrollment: We suggest that you automatically invite new patients from your target population to register in Twine as a Standard of Care. This may include adding information about Twine in your welcome packages and keeping Twine visible through your promotional media.
    • Existing patient enrollment:
      • Broad Marketing (Phone, Mail) Campaigns: Drive patients to attend an in-person or telephonic encounter that introduces them Twine, or, encourage patients to download Twine on their own and begin coaching immediately online.
      • Enroll patients during visits: Support patients in downloading the application on the spot so that they immediately become part of the Enrolled dashboard.
      • For all patients: Share this Twine promotional video and our Patient FAQs that answer: How do I use this app? This patient facing content (including PDF downloads!) helps answer "What's in it for me?" when it comes to patients using Twine. 
  5. Select your marketing strategy and tools. How will you let your patients know about Twine? Based on your goals, you may want to use a phased marketing campaign to allow a steady stream of enrollments over time to help coaches deliver quality of care:
    • Print and Mail Campaigns
    • Email Campaigns
    • Telephone Campaigns
    • Social Media Tips
    • Are you an employer providing onsite healthcare? Your enrollment strategies may differ slightly from those of healthcare plans and hospitals. We've found a few best practices for spreading the word about Twine and getting your employees excited to join. Download the slide deck of our enrollment best practices for onsite healthcare below, which covers messaging, referrals, partnerships and channels.
  6. Establish a monitoring plan to track progress toward enrollment goals. After the initial enrollment push, how will you monitor progress to your goals? The Results Dashboard can help you view your progress at the practice group or organizational level.
  7. After your your Twine Kick-off meeting, schedule a meeting to review your enrollment goals and strategies with the care team who is responsible for them. Here's more about how to align your team toward successful enrollments. 



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