Telephone Campaign Costs and Expected Outcomes

Typical cost

The cost is limited to the time it takes your staff to actually make the calls. To help reduce costs, support your team by providing target time limits, number of call reattempts, and other information to help keep the process efficient by not wasting effort on those not responding to the channel. You might be tempted to outsource this seemingly unpleasant task, but we really recommend that someone from your organization lead the charge. Besides saving you money, patients are much more likely to be responsive if they know and trust the voice on the other line.

What results you can expect

Most organizations expect around a 15% conversion rate with telephonic outreach. That means that for every 100 people you connect with, 15 of them will actually enroll. However, if your patients recognize your staff and organization, you can expect upwards of a 30% conversion rate using a well-executed telephonic campaign.

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