Step One: Kick-Off with your Twine Care Team

We recommend three key events to communicate with your team about Twine:

  1. Kickoff meeting, described in this article
  2. Workflows meetings, where enrollment, coaching/administrative (including measurement alerts), and archival workflows are finalized.
  3. Standard Platform Training (or additional modules if you've purchased them)

This article describes the kick-off meeting. Attached in this article is a template to organize your thoughts, or as an actual visual tool for your team for a kick off meeting. Some customers break the delivery of these slides into sections over a series of conversations. Some find individual slides are not really relevant to their process. Whatever your situation is, take what you need from this tool and leave the rest behind. The key takeaway is that our most successful teams create and communicate a strong plan for using Twine before they “Go Live."

Depending on how complex your team is, how and when information is shared may be different. In the end, making sure the plan has been shared with the entire team impacted by Twine allows for timely feedback and input. When your team understands why decisions have been made and how change will impact them, they will embrace Twine to create the conditions that lead to outcomes.

What should you prepare to get your team aligned? Here’s what we suggest: 

  1. What Twine is and why it aligns with your vision, mission, and goals
  2. What the specific expectations for using Twine are and how the team will get ready
  3. The systems that will be put in place to maintain and evaluate coaching performance once Twine is in use, and
  4. The timeline and instructions for going "live"

For each area, we’ve created template slides (attached in this article) that you can adapt. These may outline relevant information, tools, and resources to share with your team.


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