Developing Content for Telephone Campaigns

Here are a few ideas to guide your telephone calls:

  • Mix it up: Most organizations will typically combine telephonic outreach with other channels like mailers and emails. That way, patients have a basic understanding of the service when your team calls, and they can have a meaningful conversation about the program.
  • Coach calling: A call directly from the person who will be coaching them can go a long way in demystifying the service and increasing a patient’s likelihood of enrollment.
  • Personal intro: Make sure your script begins with your organization’s connection to the patient. For example, “Hi, Mr. Smith, this is Nancy calling from Dr. Xavier’s office. How are you doing today?” will resonate much more than “Hi, I’d like to enroll you in our new X-Men program.”

And here are a few things to avoid:

  • Long voicemails: You’re going to be talking to a lot of answering machines. But rather than just read your whole script for the machine, explain where you’re calling from, and ask for the patient to call you back at a better time. Or even better, give them a time you’ll call back so they can expect your call.
  • Uninformed callers: Make sure you prep your team before they start dialing. They need answers to common questions as well as a deep understanding of the program. Otherwise, you risk losing potentially interested patients because of misinformation provided by your staff.
  • Not having a script: Craft the opening language you’d like your team to use when reaching out to patients. They don’t need to speak like robots, but pre-approved language will help keep your messaging as consistent as possible.

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