Step Two: Empower your Superuser

Rockstar coaching performance happens as a result of a strong coaching organization. We suggest your organization elects a "Superuser" to ensure coaching success.  In addition, ensure all managers in the coaching system are trained and informed about Twine using our Coach Manager Self-Service Training Guide.

We've included a checklist at the bottom of this article to guide them in seeing through Coach & Prosper specific tasks.

Who is a Superuser? A Superuser is someone who identifies as a coach to your coaches. As a result, Superuser entry-level skills are similar to those of coaches. A Superuser doesn't have to be a coach, but they should have an appreciation for the coaching process that allows them to facilitate and discuss technical aspects of coaching with their team. This may include the applications of motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and evidence-based lifestyle recommendations in coaching care.

What does the Superuser do? Superusers maintain continuous coaching improvement involving the entire "coaching system" and everyone in it. They don't wait for big problems to emerge in order to drive change. Instead, they aim to find better and more reliable ways of coaching in the organization in an ongoing, iterative process.

What is a Coaching System?

Here's what the coaching system often looks like in Twine organizations. The idea is that if coaches are given proper training and an optimal coaching workflow, they will be able to produce solid coaching performance outcomes with timely feedback managed by the Superuser. The Organization content Twine has developed describes specifics of this coaching system. Notice who lives at the center: your coaches as change agents!

What does a Superuser do to establish the Twine coaching system?

Prior to Launching Twine, the attached Coaching Readiness checklist will guide your organization in building your Twine coaching system. Here are the recommended steps to follow: 

1. Get to know your coaches' strengths or hire ones you can count on.

2. Support your team in completing Twine Training*

3. Define Your Coaching Workflow (Note: This is different than your patient enrollment workflow.)

4. Establish your Superuser Evaluation and Feedback plan

5. Meet with your team to define coaching performance, evaluation, and feedback

6. Go Live and get ready to iterate!

What does a Superuser do to maintain the Twine Coaching System?

Over time, a Superuser will be able to maintain coaching performance as a leader and mentor who drives ongoing coaching improvement by doing more of the same:

Evaluating Coach Team Performance (and knowing how to respond to gaps)

- Supporting Coach Workflows and Operations

- Providing Individual Level Coach Feedback

- Managing Coach Training and Development Activities

 *Basic training provides access to our knowledgebase. If you'd like more support, contact your Customer Success Manager. 



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