Step One: Go Live and Monitor Progress


"Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world."- Nelson Mandela

If you've followed our Launch Program Steps to this point, you've already communicated the vision for health coaching performance and provided objective guides to evolve coaching practice through workflows and training.

When you first launch Twine, here are some suggested steps to continue the conversation about what coaching success looks like among your coaching team. Engage in these conversations with the understanding that the answers will change as your Care Teams learn through practice:

  1. Frame the Twine practice against your vision. Your team has a vision for patient care that brought you to select Twine as a digital coaching solution. Continue to show how progress to goals impacts this ultimate vision. Stay clear and explicit about why coaching through Twine matters to the bigger picture 
  2. Stay specific about what quality coaching performance means in your organization. Download the Coach Workflow and Definitions. Consider this ideal coaching workflow against your "why" for using Twine. Does this workflow meet your needs and care delivery context? If not, modify it to match your work environment. From there, distribute this information to your team. 
  3. Define how you will measure and communicate performance progress with your team. Our recommendations for measuring coach performance include looking at process and outcomes data to drive improvement. It is a good idea to teach your coaching team to view the Results dashboard regularly to get real-time feedback on their coaching performance. Generally, we encourage Superusers to engage with coaches regularly so they have a clear sense how to interpret their results by being able to answer questions like:
    • How coach performance will be measured in your organization (By coaching time, message quality, percentage of patients with health action cards, etc.?)
    • How frequently it will be measured (Daily, weekly, monthly, or some other time frame?)
    • How the measurement will be communicated (Individually, team, or both?)
    • What the chosen channels are for interacting about performance (See this list for ideas.)
  4. Discuss the team experience, adjust if needed. Continually get your team together to meet and iterate the process by exploring the following questions:
    • What's going well? 
    • Where are we at against our enrollment and coaching goals? 
    • What could be made more efficient?

Monitor progress and stay mindful of how your Twine coaching practice is improving the coaching system.

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