Step One: Hire and Develop a Coaching Team

Coaches need coaches too! Before hiring your team, consider who their manager might be. You might even make this person your Twine Superuser. In which case, make sure to empower them to help create a strong coaching system in your organization. For more help with this step, ask your Customer Success Manager about our Train the Trainers learning Module and how to select a Superuser to secure ongoing coaching development and success.

  1. Find the right coachdownload our proposed job description and modify it to your organization-specific specifications.
  2. Develop your already awesome team: If you have a coaching team and are looking to continue developing their ideal skills and attributes, review the job description to support in identifying ongoing training and development needs. What areas might your coaches need to learn for the first time? What areas could use a refresher? Sometimes, coaches benefit from attending general coaching certification programs. Click here for a list of programs conditionally approved by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches. 

We've noticed that successful Twine coaches are:


Health coaches change lives. They help patients reach goals that once seemed impossible. Great health coaches don’t take this for granted. They treasure it. They do whatever it takes to help as many patients as possible by being genuine and empathic. In many ways, your health coaches will be the face of your organization, and their energy will drive patient satisfaction.


Health coaches don't work alone. Working well with a patient’s different care team members is a critical component of the health coaching job. Great health coaches unite the care team to bring the best possible care to the patient, always ensuring that the patient is at the center.


Every patient is unique. Some may need frequent check-ins while others are comfortable with less regular communication. The best health coaches know how to approach each patient to achieve the maximum results. Being flexible also means taking steps backwards and forwards with patients, understanding that progress is not necessarily linear.


Five years ago, this might not have mattered. But patients today are constantly connected. A great health coach needs to meet patients where they are. Increasingly, that means through apps, messaging, and devices. Twine is a cloud-based software that operates through mobile applications and approved browsers. Make sure that your coaches understand how to generally navigate their web browsers and application downloads.


A great health coach's response to their patient's chronic conditions expresses expertise and empathy in equal parts. Ensure that your coaches are familiar with lifestyle behaviors that effectively manage specific chronic conditions as they express empathy for the impact managing the chronic condition has on the patient they are working with.




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