When to Use Email Campaigns

With a little bit of creativity and a solid list, you can improve your enrollment rates with just a couple of clicks. There’s a reason so many companies rely on email: it works. A recent study found email marketing to be 40% more effective at generating conversions compared to social media.

But before you fire up your email engine, here’s what you need to know to start sending patient enrollment email campaigns:

When to use email

Email might be the right outreach method if your situation meets some of the following characteristics. 

  • Solid email list: If you don’t have patient emails on file, an email campaign may not be a realistic place to start. Consider how you can start to capture and validate email addresses systematically among your patient population. 
  • Small budget: If you can’t afford direct mail or a telephonic campaign, email is definitely your best bet. After all, you can’t beat a price of $0. But that doesn’t mean you should abuse it...
  • Clear goal and plan: Answer a few strategic questions to start: What do you want to get out of your email campaign? How long will it go on for? How frequently will emails be sent? Then, consider how your message and offer will appear in e-mails. Sending an email with multiple offers usually results in few people taking you up on any of those offers. Stick to one clear message and one goal per email to maximize conversion rates. 


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