Step Two: Finalize Enrollment Workflows

Once you've selected your enrollment goals and strategy, its time to arm your team with skills to make the Twine offer to patients! Here's how:

  1. Have your team view the How to Talk to Patients About Twine training in advance of this meeting
  2. Prepare a summary of your enrollment strategy, how it will be measured, and, get on the same page about how to implement the plan.
  3. Download the attached document and select dialogue questions to guide the conversation. This tool includes sample phrases to help you craft motivational language as a team. At Twine, we know that Care teams are generally busy with day-to-day practice operations. Make sure your enrollment strategy is supporting the team in getting patients into Twine in a way that feels effective to their coaching practice. Coaches know better than anyone - new habits are hard to form in the beginning - but with the right plan small time investments enrolling patients in Twine will increase the group's influence over patient outcomes over the long term as they begin to guide behavior change between visits.


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