How to access your patient accounts

Great news! Your patient import, Hint Integration, or manual registration is now complete. Here are some tips and instructions to get started with your patients in Twine. 

To view your list of patients, go to the Not Enrolled tab. Patients in this tab have not yet logged into Twine. 
Make sure the patients listed here have an e-mail associated with their name by clicking the patients without email button. The patients on this view will need their Twine profiles to be updated with an e-mail address.
For Hint customers, if at anytime you need to add or update information that maps to Twine from Hint, such as an e-mail address, do so in Hint. The information will push to Twine and be updated in both locations.
For customers using imported lists, you will need to manually enter their e-mail address in the patient's Profile tab. Failing to enter an email means that your patient will be unable to log-in for the first time through the app store. 
Once your patients log into Twine, they will move to your New Enrollments (Enrolled Dashboard > third icon on the top). Patients enter this special location in order to alert you that they need a Health Action Plan. The goal is to clear the notifications from this icon within 1 business day to ensure patients are set to begin their Twine experience!
After you've created Action plans for your New Enrollments, they leave the New Enrollments dashboard and live in the main Enrolled dashboard for you to begin your care.
You may also Manually Enroll patients in the Not Enrolled dashboard, though this is not recommended unless you are certain your patient is unable to register (e.g. due to lack of access to technology). If patients are not using technology, feel free to manually enroll them by clicking into their account and selecting Manually enroll:
The Not Enrolled dashboard is a snapshot picture of who has yet to log into Twine. You may choose to follow up with patients in the Not Enrolled dashboard after some time to encourage the use of Twine. 

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