Coaching Self-Reflection Exercise

Coaching is a practice!

Many coaches find completing self-assessment exercises once per month (or more!) increases their coaching impact and develops their style. Talking about your observations with a mentor or peer can further support the process. 

To complete this exercise, select two patients from your Enrollment panel. Try to select a patient you feel is highly responsive to your coaching and another that isn't responding quite as you'd hoped. This will help form maximum insight into your care. Review your interactions within each patient account using the table below as a guide.

This exercise takes about 20 minutes to complete. If needed, it is still useful to spend half as much time only reviewing one patient. For each performance area listed below, mark "yes" or "no" for each patient to get a sense of your practice compared to each Twine performance area:

Twine Coaching Performance Areas

  1. Delivered minimum of 16 online coaching minutes per patient, per month (4 minutes/week)
  2. Created a personalized action plan within 24 hours of enrollment. If appropriate, health action plans included both a health measurement and a health action
  3. Created a plan check-in within one month or less of action plan
  4. Sent a message daily in first two weeks of action plan creation, or, according to patient desired frequency
  5. Sent a message every week after the first two weeks of action plan, or according to patient desired frequency
  6. Responded to incoming messages within 1 business day

Observe your assessment results without judgement. These performance areas represent averages that are associated with patient success. We recommend meeting them whenever you can. However, through your self-reflection process you may identify reasons why answering "No" was actually the right move for your patient at that moment in time. After reviewing your reflection, consider what the results tell you to practice next.



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