Turning Measurement Alerts into Teachable Moments

Twine's Measurement Alerts Dashboard is an important feature to guide your care. So important that upon logging in, we recommend you address Measurement Alert Notifications first in your coaching workflow. 

When measurement alerts are observed, follow your organization-specific protocol to document and address any patient safety concerns. From there, turn measurement alerts into teachable moments for behavior change using Twine: 

(1) Look at the measurement alert values in context by clicking the "History" tab.

Once you've interpreted your point of view on how the measurement alert compares to the trend, then ask your patient for theirs.

If the value entered is outside the typical trend, explore why it might have occurred:

"It looks like your blood pressure was much higher than normal today! I hope you're feeling okay. What do you think is causing this?" 

If this value is part of a recurring trend, determine your patient's impressions and awareness of the trend:

"It looks like your blood pressures have been really stubborn lately. What has it been like for you to observe this trend?"

(2) If ready to respond to the measurement alert with health actions, reflect this in the health action card:

"You've made a great point. Blood pressures are elevated right after your commute home. Meditation didn't seem useful before, but now you're curious if this technique can help. I'll set the notification during your commute time so you can be reminded to see how this works!"



(3) Establish a follow-up plan to test how changes to health actions are impacting the trend.

Example phrases to support experimentation and follow-up for learning include:

"We never really know if our ideas for change make sense until we try it! Would it be okay to message you tomorrow to see what your experience trying meditation was like?" 


"In the past, we set time for a Plan Check-In to talk about your experiences. Would it make sense to follow up this way again, or do you have another way of connecting in mind?"

Expressing a non-judgmental coaching attitude in the face of measurement alerts can turn turn these measures into powerful catalysts for change. Use Twine to engage in curious conversation in the face of difficult topics!

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