Visual Guide: Navigating the Enrolled Dashboard

Twine offers the ability to perform continuous health coaching. Unlike traditional coaching models, interactions with your patients are not limited to appointments or physical location! Here's how to make the most of your Twine coaching time. Open your Enrolled dashboard to walk through these features and find patients to coach just-in-time: 


(1) First, check on your patients with measurement alerts. Make sure your patients whose blood pressure and blood sugar levels fall into the high risk range (Blood Pressures over 140/90 mmHg and Blood Sugars over 130 mg/DL, or as set by you during the health action building process) are communicated with and cared for.


(2) Respond to unread messages. Patients may come to you with questions, updates, or a simple how-do-you-do? No matter their need, we recommend responding to these messages within 1 business day.


(3) Check your calendar. What's on the agenda for today? You can sort your daily activities by type. This way, you'll never miss a plan-check in, phone call, or in-person visit. 



(4) Set up your new enrollments with Health Action Plans. Our most successful coaches build Health Action Plans within 24 hours. Keep your new enrollments dashboard up-to-date and aim to keep this notification at "zero" by the end of the day!


(5) View patients by their tracking status using the Adherence Trend filter:

The adherence trend filter sorts patients by:

  • Green = Adherence Trend: Positive

    Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action between 1 to 3 times.

    Yellow = Adherence Trend: Caution

    Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action between 3 to 6 times.

    Red = Adherence Trend: Negative

    Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action more than 7 times.

  • Gray = Patient's adherence trend is reset due to a new or updated plan.  In the image below, Sean is now in a gray state with neither positive or negative adherence because his plan has just been updated. 

At the Enrolled Dashboard level, Twine will "bubble up" the worst adherence trend of all of a patient's health actions. This will alert you to dive into the patient account to further explore individual adherence trends at the Health Action Plan. Click on your patients name to enter their account. Note: Plan adherence represents actual/expected completion of the Health Action as a percentage. Is denoted by the fill of the adherence trend visual. Below, you'll see ~halfway filled visual for 52.94% overall adherence. The adherence trend is green, meaning the patient has not missed more than 3 expected health actions on this plan:

Sort patients according to Plan Adherence using this filter: 
(6) Using the sort filters, prioritize messages out to your remaining patients. Helpful options include:

Date Enrolled - Prioritize patients brand new to Twine who may need more coaching as they get started.

Plan Updated - Prioritize patients with new or recently updated plans to learn what's working:

Latest Message (date) - Find patients you haven't messaged with in awhile to keep them engaged: 

After these steps are completed, you've scanned your entire patient panel for those who may need coaching support. For a visual depiction and summary of this workflow, download the Coaching Workflow and Key Performance Standards attached to this article. All of the features in this article are in your Enrolled Dashboard



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