When does my patient receive a notification?


Patients using Twine's mobile application will receive a push notification on their phone that says “[Insert coach’s first name here] has sent you a message” as soon as the coach has sent a message. For security reasons, we do not display the contents of the message in the notification. If the message remains unread, patients will receive an email notification at the following intervals: 5 days unread, 10 days, 30 days, and 60 days.

Patients using Twine on a web browser only will receive an unread message notification email at 5, 10, 30, and 60 days.


Health actions

Health actions in a care plan can be scheduled for morning (7 am), afternoon (12 noon), evening (6 pm), or night (9 pm). These times are the default times but they can be modified by the member in the setting section of the app. If there are health actions due in that time period, the member receives a push notification. For example, if the member had a health action of “walking the dog for 20 minutes” scheduled in the morning, at 7 am (unless he modified the time), he would receive a push notification on his phone that says, “Your morning health actions are due”. The same happens again in the afternoon, evening and night. Notification only appear if there are scheduled health actions in that time slot. The details of the actual health action is not listed to protect privacy.


Automated by Twine

To help support the coaches engage their members, Twine’s nurturing campaign automatically triggers messages during key moments in a patient’s plan. The messages encourage the users to message their coaches about their progress, take action on their plan and also share tips on how to make the most out of the application.



  • When coach updates the plan:

    “[Insert coach’s first name here] and your team have updated your plan, you will see changes starting tomorrow.”

  • Progress check-in:

    “It is time for your progress check-in. Message [Insert coach’s first name here] to make plan adjustments or pick a new date to check your progress” (Sent at 2 pm on the 2nd to last day of plan expiring)

  • Start of Twine week:

    “Last week you completed X% of your health actions. You’re doing great, keep it up this week!” (Last week’s adherence > 50%) OR “Last week you complete X% of your health actions, think you can beat it this week?” (Last week’s adherence is <50%).

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