Viewing Coach Time Spent on Twine

Twine tracks the time you and the care team spends with each patient creating care plans, viewing progress and messaging patients. To view time spent with each patient each month and the monthly average, click on a specific patient and the time icon on top of the patient’s progress page. This will bring up a summary of the time spent since the patient’s first plan was developed on Twine.


The time begins when you interact with the patient in some way on Twine (open the patient detail page, view the patient conversation, etc). The clock stops when either: a) you navigate away from the patient on Twine b) you do not interact with Twine for more than 60 seconds. Time is rounded to the nearest minute when displaying results, which means 0 to 29 seconds = 0 minutes, 30 to 1:29 = 1 minute, etc.

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