The Enrolled Dashboard


Your Enrolled dashboard includes:

  • your inbox for messages received,

  • your calendar for upcoming appointments and plan check-ins,

  • New Enrollments Notifications to remind you who needs health action plans
  • Adherence Trend and Measurement Alert Filters
  • Sort filters to access patients in your Enrolled patient list

Once you are familiar with these features, you can learn how to prioritize your time in Twine. 


  • Click on the inbox and filter to “unread by me” to view all of your unread messages.

  • Filter to “unread by patient” to view messages that have not been read by your patients. By viewing “unread by patient” you have a clear view of who has received your message and not received your message.

Tip: If a patient has not read your message in a few days, call the patient to explore further. The patient may have inadvertently signed out of the app and therefore is not receiving your messages.



The calendar tab displays all events scheduled for your panel of patients. This includes progress check-ins, office visits, video calls, phone calls and reminders. The reminders feature of the calendar is a great place to store reminders about labs, screenings or other tests.


The New Enrollments tab helps you stay aware of when patients have logged in and still need Action Plans.



  • Use the adherence trend filter to sort patients by adherence:
    • Green = Adherence Trend: Positive

      Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action between 1 to 3 times.

      Yellow = Adherence Trend: Caution

      Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action between 3 to 6 times.

      Red = Adherence Trend: Negative

      Patients who have missed logging at least one tracking health action more than 7 times.

  • Patient's adherence trend is reset when they have a new plan.  In the image below, Sean is now in a gray state with neither positive or negative adherence because his plan has just been updated. 

  • At the Enrolled Dashboard level, Twine will "bubble up" the worst adherence trend of all of a patient's health actions. This will alert you to dive into the patient account to further explore individual adherence trends at the Health Action Plan. Click on your patients name to enter their account. Note: Plan adherence represents actual/expected completion of the Health Action as a percentage. Is denoted by the fill of the adherence trend visual. Below, you'll see ~halfway filled visual for 52.94% overall adherence. The adherence trend is green, meaning the patient has not missed more than 3 expected health actions on this plan:
You may sort according to Plan Adherence using this filter: 



High and low measurement alerts can be customized for each patient. Standard measurement alerts are set for Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure, unless updated by the coach at the time of building the Health Action. To view patients with Measurement Alert, click on your Measurement Alert inbox. Measurement alerts stay active until your patient enters data that falls within the parameter.


All dashboards, including the Enrolled Dashboard, allow you to manage patient lists using a sort filter specifically designed for the dashboard you are viewing. The Enrolled Dashboard allows you to view patients by clinical values, plan information, adherence, name, and other criteria using this drop down:

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