The Enrolled Dashboard

To open the Navigation Menu, select the hamburger menu/your picture in the upper left corner of your screen. Then, select Enrolled:


You'll notice that the Enrolled Dashboard includes:

  • Your inbox for unread messages,

  • Your calendar for upcoming calendar events,

  • Your list of New Enrollments to remind you who needs a health action plan
  • Sorts and Filters to help you provide proactive, timely and effective care

Once you are familiar with these features, you can learn how to prioritize your time in Twine. 


  • Click on the inbox and filter to UNREAD BY ME to view all messages you have received that you have not yet read.

  • Filter to UNREAD BY PATIENT to view messages that have not been read by your patients. This provides you a clear view of who has received your message, but has not yet read it.

Tip: If a patient has not read your message in a few days, call or email the patient to explore further. The patient may have inadvertently signed out of the app and therefore is not receiving your messages.



The calendar tab displays all events scheduled for your panel of patients, and allows you to change the view by day, week, month and overdue. This includes plan check-ins, office visits, phone calls and reminders. The reminders feature of the calendar is a great place to store reminders about labs, screenings, assessments or other tests.

Tapping on an individual calendar event opens the event slide out on the right side of your screen. Here, you may:

  • View and edit specific details about the calendar event
  • Send a message to your patient
  • Create a new calendar event for your patient
  • Mark the calendar event as complete/not completed


The New Enrollments list notifies you of when patients have enrolled in Twine, and still need Action Plans.


Tap on the green show filters button to expand the Filter and Sort options in the Enrolled Dashboard.


  • Adherence Tracking
    • Display All patients with a health action plan, regardless of whether the health actions are tracking adherence
    • Display only those patients that are Tracking at least one health action in their plan
    • Display only those patients that are Not Tracking a health action in their plan

  • Adherence Trend
    • Display only those that are trending Positive (green), meaning they've missed no more than 2 tracked health actions in a row     
    • Display only those that are trending Caution (yellow), meaning they've missed between 3 and 6 tracked health actions in a row
    • Display only those that are trending Negative (red), meaning they've missed a tracked health action 7 or more times in a row

      *Note that in the Enrolled Dashboard, Twine reveals the adherence trend for the health action in the patient's plan with the worst trend. If you'd like to see the adherence rate or adherence trend for individual health actions, you should open the participant's profile to the Action Plans tab.

  • Measurement Alerts
    • Display only those patients that Has Alerts triggered for their blood sugar or blood pressure
    • Display only those patients that have No Measurement Alerts for their blood sugar or blood pressure health action

      *Note that measurement alert thresholds may be customized for each patient in Twine. A measurement alert will be triggered when a patient logs a BP or BG that exceeds the minimum or maximum alert value. This measurement alert will be dismissed once the patient logs a value back within the acceptable range.  

  • Measurement Type
    • Display All patients regardless of the makeup of their health action plan
    • Display only those patients with Blood Pressure as a health action in their plan
    • Display only those patients with Blood Sugar as a health action in their plan
    • Display only those patients with Weight as a health action in their plan 



All dashboards, including the Enrolled Dashboard, allow you to manage patient lists using a sort functionality specifically designed for the dashboard you are viewing. The Enrolled Dashboard allows you to sort patient lists in ascending and descending order by clinical values, plan information, adherence, name, message date, enrolled date and other criteria:


Note that you're able to apply a filter and a sorting rule at the same time. Remember to clear your filters at the end of your session to return your Enrolled Dashboard to its normal state:

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