Practice Using Twine: Basic Training Guide

Training is useful for anyone interacting with Twine, not just coaches and clinicians delivering care! Use the Workspaces feature to manage suggested articles and tools to get started. 

1. Watch these videos:

Action Plan Demo

Get to Know the Patient App

2. Practice using key features: 

You can practice by downloading and completing the attached Drills and Case Studies in your own account, or, access the training site using the instructions below. Ask your Health Coach Training Specialist or Sales Representative for the password: 

      • visit on a chrome, firefox or safari browser
      • click anywhere on the blue screen using your mouse and while holding the click, swipe down
      • a slide out will appear on the left hand side of the screen
      • select "coach" or "patient" to see the pre-stored data for existing demo personas
      • select a specific patient or coach name from the list
      • enter the password (contact if you do not know it) 
      • to see the experience from both the coach and the patient application simultaneously, have an incognito or private browser open at the same time. Further instructions are in the attached document below.

To sign out of a patient or coach account:

      • Click on the coach/patient picture on the top left hand side > a slide out will appear > select sign out.

3. Complete items in Workspaces:

In addition to this practice, we’ve stocked your Workspaces with important articles, reminders, and tips to keep you successful.

Pro Tip: Be sure to hide completed Workspaces cards to track your progress. We recommend accessing Workspaces on your coach account rather than a demo account. Our demo environment resets itself every night.



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