How do I claim my Twine account?

If you were invited to claim your Twine account that was created for you, please complete the following steps to sign up:

  1. Open the Twine app to the main login page, and select First time? Sign up now!

  2. You’ll be presented with two registration paths. Select Claim Your Account

  3. Here, you’ll begin a 3-step process. Enter your email address and date of birth that your care team used to create your account, and create a password. Then, select Next

  4. If your information matches what’s on file, you will be asked to confirm the group within which you’re signing up. If correct, tap Next

    If the information you entered does not match what’s on file in Twine, please contact the group that invited you to confirm that they have the correct email address and date of birth on file for you.

  5. To complete the signup in Twine, please verify your email address. At this step, Twine has sent you an email, which contains a link to verify your email address

  6. Once you verified your email address, return to the Twine app and send a message to your care team!

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