Syncing Twine with Apple's Health App

Twine may be synced with Apple's Health App, which allows data to be imported into Twine from other apps and devices that sync with Apple Health. 

Before synchronizing Apple's Health app and Twine, double check the following:

      • Ensure that your iPhone’s software is up to date so that you have the latest version of Apple's Health app.
      • If you are using a measurement device such as a wireless weight scale, blood pressure cuff, or blood glucose monitor, ensure you have downloaded the app for your wireless device(s) (e.g. Health Mate for Withings scale).
      • If you are using a measurement device, ensure you have synced the wireless device’s app to Apple's Health app.
      • Ensure you have health actions or measurements in your health action plan in Twine associated with the data you want imported from Apple Health. 

Follow the steps below to synchronize data from Apple's Health app to the Twine app:

      1. Open the Twine app, and Log In if you are not logged in already.
      2. Tap on the upper lefthand corner to bring out the menu, and click on Settings.
      3. Scroll down and select Apple's Health app Synchronization
      4. An on/off toggle is to the right of Health app synchronization. Tap on the toggle to turn it on.


      5. The standard Health Access confirmation will be displayed, asking you which categories you would like Twine to have access to. To give Twine access to all of the categories in your plan, tap All Categories On. Then, tap Allow on the top righthand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can choose to only allow Twine access to specific categories.

      6. Twine will automatically import data for your plan when available from Apple Health. Note that only metric types that are included in your Health Action Plan and supported by Apple Health will be synchronized. 
      7. Once Health app synchronization has been turned on, all applicable data from the previous 30 days in Apple Health will be imported into Twine, and subsequently, new data from Apple Health will be imported automatically when you resume or open the Twine app or when you tap the Synchronize Now button.  

To change which categories of your Health data Twine has access to:

    1. Open iOS Settings > Privacy > Health > Twine.
    2. Follow instructions on the screen to allow Twine to import data from Apple's Health app.
    3. Open the Twine app, and Twine will automatically import your latest measurements for each category that is in your active plan, and which you have granted permission for Twine to access.

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