Start Here: How do I learn to use Twine?

Learn in the way that works for you with our three learning formats:

  • Absorb: Take it all in with step-by-step instruction via virtual webinars and Knowledge Base articles.
  • Practice: Jump into Twine's training software with case studies as your guide.
  • Connect: Ask Twine's Health Coach Training Specialist for support along the way.

Twine Training is designed for you to access learning as you want, when you want. However, for the best experience and results, we suggest moving through the content in the following order to get a strong handle on Twine:

  1. View the Coach Application Training (60 minutes)
  2. View the Patient Application Training (30 minutes)
  3. View the Navigating the Enrolled Dashboard Training (60 minutes)
  4. Practice: Use Twine's training software to complete the Practice Guide (30 minutes)
  5. Connect: New Twine coaches are automatically enrolled in our Twine Training email list. During your first month as a coach, we'll invite you to ongoing training events, and provide tips and relevant articles. Keep an eye out for these useful reminders. In addition to asking questions at our live webinars, you can reply to these emails with any training questions you may have!

After you learn the basics...

Often after learning the basics, coaches are inspired to develop their online coaching style. If you catch the online continuous coaching bug, here's some extra credit:

  1. View the Intro to Collaborative Care e-learning available in the Align Section of Workspaces to learn how to integrate behavior change theory into your use of Twine.
  2. View the How to Talk to Patients About Twine training webinar recording and read the related article to learn how to create an experience in Twine that meets patients where they are at when it comes to participating in coaching through technology.





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