I'm locked out of my account. How can I log in?

Twine temporarily (for 15 minutes) locks your account after five failed attempts to log in. Want to access your account sooner? No problem, view your options below:

  1. I mistyped my password.
    Use the Request Unlock button in the account lockout screen in your app, as shown in the screenshot below. This sends an email to the primary address associated with your Twine account, containing a link to unlock your account immediately. After you click that link, you can try to log in again. Alternatively, you can wait 15 minutes for your account to be unlocked automatically.

  2. I forgot my password.
    You can reset your password to log in again.

  3. I didn't try to login multiple times.
    If someone else was trying to log in as you, don't worry! We are keeping everything safe and secure for you. You can unlock your account by following Option 1 above.


Got more questions? Email support@twinehealth.com and we can help!

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