Tips for Submitting a Support Ticket

If you're reading this article, you may be experiencing a question or issue for which you'd like some support. You're in the right place! For immediate answers and solutions to questions, check out the following:

If you didn't find your answer there, not to worry! You can contact Twine Support via phone, email or in-app. Read more on how to contact Twine Support here.

Submitting a support ticket to Twine via

When submitting a support ticket to Twine, please keep in mind the following. These tips will ensure a speedier resolution to your question!

  • Be descriptive. Provide as much detail about your question or issue as possible, including:
    • What is the nature of the question or issue?
    • Who is experiencing the issue?
    • When does this issue occur? (As a result of certain actions? At a certain time of day?)
    • If possible, include steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Provide relevant screenshots. (But refrain from including protected health information!)
  • If you're a coach with a patient-specific issue, please include the URL of the patient's profile in Twine.
  • In order to avoid delaying a response and resolution, please refrain from opening more than one ticket on the same topic.

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