Friends & Family Report Card

Invite the important people in your life to support you in your health journey with the Friends & Family Report Card

The Friends & Family Report Card allows you to share your progress in Twine with your cheerleaders, caregivers, primary care physician and specialists, and anyone else important to you via email on a weekly or monthly basis.

To invite your VIPs to receive a report card on your progress in Twine, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Me in your navigation bar at the bottom of your Twine app
  2. While in Me, scroll down to Your Care Team
  3. Toggle to FRIENDS & FAMILY and tap the red +Invite button below
  4. Enter the name and email address of your VIP, and select the frequency for which you'd like him to receive your report card via email, as well as the health actions you'd like to be included... Everything look good? Send the invitation!
  5. Give those that you invited a heads up! They'll receive an invitation email to join your care team from Twine. In order to receive your report card, they must click the link in your email invitation. 

*Twine Reminder! Email is not a completely secure means of communication because emails can be sent to the wrong person or accessed improperly while in storage or during transmission. Only send your report card to those you are comfortable with seeing your Twine health action information.

Interested in checking the status of your extended Care Team?

Once your invitation(s) have been sent, toggle to FRIENDS & FAMILY in Your Care Team once again. A green check mark indicates he has accepted your invitation, a yellow clock indicates he is pending, and a red exclamation point indicates he has declined your invitation.

What does the Friends & Family Report Card look like?

Your supporters will see the following details in your Twine Report Card:

  1. When you last used Twine
  2. Your overall completion rate and adherence trend for all health actions
  3. Your motivation statement (if completed)
  4. Your completion rate, adherence trend and latest reading (if applicable) for individual health actions, organized by health action plan

Ready to invite your friends, family and other important people to join your care team? First, check out this blog post on how you elicit the feedback and support you need!

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