First... Get Organized with Twine's Launch Checklist

Welcome to the Twine family! (Or as we like to call it, the Twamily 😎) You may be thinking, 'Great! I can't wait to connect with my patients in Twine. But where do I start?' We're glad you asked! Launching with Twine is easy, but there are a number of operational, workflow, and training needs you'll want to consider before going live. For example:

  • Who on your team needs a coach account in Twine?
  • How will patient profiles be created (via integration or import, manually?)
  • How often will coaches check in on Twine?
  • Will coaches be expected to follow up with patients at a minimum frequency?
  • How will coaches train and practice using Twine prior to working with real patients in the app?

These are some important questions and considerations, but have no fear! All of this and more are covered in our Launch Program Guide and corresponding checklist (attached below). Let this program be your guide as you prepare your organization to coach patients in the app.

Now, get coaching!


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