How to enable the Elation integration

With the Elation integration enabled, Twine will automatically import new patients created in Elation, bi-directionally update patient demographics in real time and send plan notes from Twine to Elation. Take the following steps to enable the integration:

  1. Do you have Twine's integration with Hint Health enabled? Elation and Hint have their own integration, so you cannot have Hint Health integrated with Twine at the same time. Stop here and turn it off before you proceed, following these steps.
  2. Navigate to the Groups view in your Admin Dashboard, and select the group for which you want to enable the Elation integration.
  3. Once in the group's profile, select Integrations from the grey dropdown menu.
  4. Tap the configure button that corresponds with the Elation integration.
  5. Tap the Activate Integration link.
  6. Contact your Elation Account Manager to receive your unique authentication credentials, including client id, client secret, username and password. Once you complete the fields, tap Authenticate with Elation.
  7. Your Elation integration is now Pending. Allow Twine to prepare a preview of the integration. You may see a progress bar while the preview of the import is being prepared. This will not result in any changes in Twine, and is done before the integration is enabled to help identify any possible issues that may result from the initial import of practitioners and patients.
  8. After the preview is complete, check to see if any warnings were generated. If there are zero warnings, you may proceed to enable the integration (see below). Click on show results to see the details of what practitioners and patients are ready to be imported, and any warnings.
  9. If there are any warnings, such as for duplicate email addresses, we recommend that you work with the Twine Health Support team to resolve them before proceeding.
  10. Warnings for individual practitioners and patients can be resolved by clicking on the name of the practitioner or patient, and making an update. To preview the result of your changes, click the preview import link.
  11. After all warnings are resolved, the integration can be enabled by clicking the enable button.
  12. When enable is clicked, the status of the integration will become active. Twine will run a one-time import of all patients and physicians (coaches in Twine) from Elation, and create them as Twine patients and coaches. After this initial import, patient demographics and notes will update in real time. After the initial import is complete you can click show results, and then navigate to individual coaches and patients in Twine who have been updated or created. Note that the practitioners and patients listed in the results are from the initial import, and do not reflect the ongoing updates between Elation and Twine after the import is complete.

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