[Elation customers only] How to disable the Hint Health integration

In order to implement a successful integration between Twine and Elation, the Hint Health integration with Twine must be turned off.

This is because patients' demographic data flows in the following direction:
Hint Health > Elation > Twine

Before enabling the Elation integration with Twine, you must take the following steps to disable the Hint Health integration with Twine.

1. Ensure that Elation IDs are included in all patients' profiles in Twine.

To check this, open a patient's record in Twine, navigate to their Profile page, select External Identifiers from the grey drop down menu. If you don't see an Elation external identifier in your patients' profiles, you'll need to add each patient's unique Elation ID to his Twine record. The patient's unique ID is the string of numbers at the end of the URL in his Elation chart.

2. Turn off the Hint Health integration.

To do this, navigate to the Groups view in your Admin Dashboard, and select Integrations from the grey dropdown menu. You'll notice that the status of the integration is ActiveTap the Configure button.

Tap the Disable button.

You should now see that the integration's status is Paused.

3. Return to your group's integrations page and refresh your browser. You should now be able to configure the Elation integration.


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