Twine's Integration with Elation

Elation is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution and practice management platform that helps care providers deliver patient-centered medicine. This article offers an overview of how Twine's integration with Elation works. At the bottom, you'll find a table of contents to complete the steps to enable the integration.

Twine integrates with Elation in the following ways:  

  • Creates Twine patient accounts that correspond with the patient records in Elation
  • Creates Twine coach accounts that correspond with the physician accounts in Elation
  • Sends Twine plan notes created by coaches and patients to Elation
  • Updates demographics bi-directionally in both Twine and Elation, using the corresponding fields below
Elation Field Twine Field
First Name First Name 
Last Name Last Name
Email Address Email Address
D.O.B. Birth Date
Primary Physician Primary Coach
Sex Sex
Phone Number (1) Phone Number
Phone Number Type (1) Phone Number Type
Phone Number (2) Alt Phone Number
Phone Number Type (2) Alt Phone Number Type
Address Address


Ready to integrate Elation with Twine Health?

Use the resources below to ensure a successful integration between Elation and Twine, as well as to troubleshoot any questions you might face. Each article includes a link back to this page and other relevant articles so you may learn what'd you like.

  1. How to disable the Hint Health integration with Twine
  2. How to enable the Elation integration with Twine
  3. Elation integration FAQs


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