Creating Patient Rewards

Rewards are a flag feature enabled for upgraded Twine accounts. Coaches create Rewards while building Health Actions within your patients' Health Action Plan.

Prior to adding Rewards to your patient's Health Actions, you must have a Rewards Program Active. Rewards Programs are built by your Twine Admin.

Activating Rewards Programs

  1. Click on the Rewards icon in the patient vitals area. If there is no reward program active, the vitals area will denote the current reward program status.patient_vitals_rewards.png
  2. A slide out will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Select the Rewards program you would like to activate from the Available to Activate list. If no programs are listed, contact your Twine admin to ensure proper programming has occurred. If there are multiple programs to chose from, you must deactivate the current program before activating the next program at this step:Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.42.18_PM.png

Assigning Rewards to Health Actions

  1. Click Add on the Health Action Card. 
  2. Follow the prompts to build a new Health Action until you get to step three Rewards:Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.43.02_PM.png
  3. Prior to adding the Reward, you can reference the Budget Available in the program, as well as existing Rewards that have been assigned.
  4. When you are ready, click + Add New Reward. A form will appear.
  5. Add a Reward Description, Value, and Target for completion of the Health Action associated with the Reward. Even if coaches or patients edit the name of the Health Action the Reward is assigned to, the text you include in the Reward Description will not change unless it is specifically updated by the coach. This text should serve as brief contingency agreement between patient and coach to describe the behavior that earns the Reward when reviewed after the Target date.Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.44.19_PM.png
  6. Click Add Reward
  7. From here, you may add an additional Reward to this health action, or, sort/view the newly created Reward against All, Available, Earned, and Not Earned Rewards:Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.44.27_PM.png
  8. Click Next and complete building the Health Action.
  9. Click Done. An icon depicting the reward is associated with the Health Action next to its title: Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.45.11_PM.png
  10. The Reward may be referenced by returning to the rewards icon in the patients vitals area:pt_vitals_-_program.png


Don't have access to rewards but are interested in using it with your patients?  Contact your account manager or

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