Creating and Editing Rewards Programs

Navigating to Rewards Programs

  1. Go to The Admin dashboard.
  2. Select the Group Name you would like to build a rewards program for.
  3. In the top left hand corner, select Rewards Programs in the grey drop down menu.Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_4.25.07_PM.png

Adding a New Rewards Program

  1. Once you are in the Rewards Programs view, select Add Program.
  2. Complete the form to include Name, Program Start Date, Program End Date, Budget Value, Budget Unit, Days Active, and Fulfill as Earned.
    • Definitions
      • Program Start and End Dates represent when coaches may activate Rewards within the program.
      • Budget Value represents the total amount available to each patient in the group.
      • Budget Unit represents the type of earning available to the patient. Note: This field may not be edited or changed after the program is created. 
      • Days Active represents the time frame Rewards may be earned after the coach activates the Rewards Program within the patient's account. 
      • Fulfill as earned? Selecting 'Yes' means that payments will be distributed as they are earned via your API. Maintaining the default 'No' means that payments will be distributed cumulatively at the time point of your choosing via your API. 
  3. Select Create Program to save the program. Note: Once your program is activated, it is accessible for Coaches to activate among patients in the group. Please ensure all details are as intended before creating your program.

Editing a Rewards Program

  1. From the Rewards Programs view in the Admin Dash, click on the rewards program you'd like to edit from the available list. 
  2. Click Confirm to confirm you would like to edit the selected Rewards Program.
  3. The Rewards Program form will appear at the bottom of the screen. You may edit any field you would like, except the Budget Unit. Note: Decreasing the budget value from the original value programmed may result in overdrawn accounts if coaches have activated the earlier version of the Rewards Program among their patient panel. Please contact in the event corrections are needed. 
  4. Click Save Program.

Don't have access to rewards but are interested in using it with your patients?  Contact your account manager or

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