Twine Supported Operating Systems, Browsers, and Devices List

The Twine Platform works with the following operating systems, browsers, and devices: 

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows: Windows 7 and up
  • Mac: Lion (10.7) and up

Supported Browsers

Twine works with the 2 most recent versions of the following browsers. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are turned on for your browser.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mac only: Safari

Supported Devices

  • iPhone - iOS version 9 and up
  • iPad - iOS version 9 and up
  • Android phones - operating system 4.4 and up

For instructions to access the Twine application through one of the supported devices or browsers listed above, see our patient-facing access instructions. 

This article was last updated on 04-04-2017

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