How do I make a video call in Twine?

Twine's video call feature allows you to conveniently (and visually!) connect with your patients. Whether you're taking a look at a rash on your patient's arm or just checking in, a video call may reduce your need for in-person visits or enhance your Twine messaging communication.

A few notes on video call functionality and criteria

  • Twine's video call is in beta, which means it's an early version of the feature and you may encounter unknown bugs or unexpected behavior.
  • Patients must have the Twine app open in order to receive incoming video calls
  • Patients must have an internet connection (wifi or mobile data) in order to receive and engage in video calls
  • Only coaches are able to schedule and initiate video calls

Compatible devices for a video call in Twine

  • Coaches may initiate video calls using a desktop or laptop computer (with webcam) or tablet
  • Patients may accept video calls using Twine's mobile app for iPhone/Android or iPad, or desktop or laptop computer (with webcam)
  • For a full list of Twine supported operating systems, browsers and devices, go here.

How to schedule a video call with your patient

  1. Open your patient's profile in your coach application and navigate to your patient's Calendar
  2. Select + new event to open a slideout event panel on the right side of your screen
  3. Change the Event Type to Video Call

  4. Complete the remaining calendar event details, including Title, Date, Start and End Time, and any other notes/info you may want to include. (In the notes section, you may want to include a reminder to your patient that he must have the Twine app open at this time to receive your call, and he must also have a strong internet connection!)
  5. Scroll down in the event slideout and select Done to add the event to your patient's calendar

How to initiate a video call with your patient

  1. At the scheduled time of the event, open your patient's record in your coach application and navigate to the Messenger
  2. Tap the video icon at the top of the messenger

  3. If your patient has the Twine app open on a compatible device, you will see a green phone icon to initiate the video call

    If your patient does not have the Twine app open, does not have a strong internet connection, or is using an incompatible device or browser, you will see a message that your patient is unavailable for the video call

  4. Once you've clicked the green phone icon to initiate the call, your patient will see an incoming call message, with the option to Answer or Decline

  5. If your patient has not previously given Twine access to his camera and microphone, he will see prompts to do so at this time. Select OK

Voila! You and your patient are now engaging in a video call with Twine!


PROTIP: You can continue to navigate through the patient's record while engaging in the video call. For example, if you want to to highlight certain successes or challenges you've noticed within the patient's health action plan(s), you can open his History view for reference while continuing with the video call.

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