How to Import a Participant List

First things first...

Please note that it's against Twine's policy to send PHI via email, as email is not secure and poses a significant HIPAA risk. Do not send patient data to Twine team members via email. Twine is required to document any security incidents, such as that mentioned above. Please follow the steps below to ensure a safe and secure patient import into Twine.

Also, this import functionality within the platform is not recommended for use with a file of more than 5,000 participants. If you need to import > 5K participants, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Before you get started, ensure that you have the appropriate roles assigned to you in Twine to upload and complete the patient import:

  • Importable files uploader - Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, but is not able to complete uploads
  • Importable files admin - Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, as well as complete and/or delete uploads

If you don't yet have these roles, contact your Customer Success Manager. She'll set you up in a flash!

Importing your patient list

Begin by downloading the Twine Patient Import Sample File at the bottom of this page.

Please format your patient list in the exact format listed on the file (see Tab 2 for instructions). This is important to make sure your patients' information properly maps into Twine's existing fields for a successful import. Keep in mind, not all information is required, so you're welcome to leave unused columns blank or remove them from the file. 

Ready to start the import? In your Twine Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Groups view. Select Importable Files from the grey drop down menu:


Once in the Importable Files page, tap the red button select file from computer to open your file selector:


Select your patient import file and tap the green button Upload and Preview:


The status of this import will now be Pending. Prior to completing this import, be sure to preview the import and show the results:



Showing the results of the import will allow you to double check that the number of patients accounts created or updated in Twine is what you expected, and that the patients' names will appear as desired. You will also be notified of any errors or warnings that resulted from the import. If you experience any errors, return to the .csv file and correct them prior to completing the import:



Once satisfied with the import preview, tap the green button complete import to seal the deal:

What's next?

Congrats! Your patients have successfully been imported into Twine. You can read more about accessing these patient accounts and inviting them to use Twine here.


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