New Hire Onboarding: Features and Steps

Congratulations on hiring your new coach and Twine user! Here are steps for starting them off on the right foot:

  1. Hold a meeting between your Superuser* and new health coach to provide context for using Twine. Decide on some ways to provide mentorship as the coach begins their Twine practice. 
  2. Create your new coach a coach application account. This will automatically add your coach to our Training email distribution list. They will receive tips, invitations to live training events, and, if they'd like they can reply to the email to ask questions of a Twine Training Specialist.
  3. When your coach signs in the platform will give your coach a guided tour. In addition, your coach can prompt tips and tour by clicking the question mark in the top right hand of their screen. 
  4. Send your new hire this article which outlines how to complete Standard Platform Training.
  5. Continue your ongoing coach development activities to ensure your great hire continues to learn and grow in their coaching practice!

*Don't have a superuser? Have someone in mind? Ask your Customer Success Manager about Twine's Superuser Training.

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