The Notes feature captures free-text notes and automated activity notes.

This article describes how to use the Notes tab to create notes, view current plan notes, and view/sort automated notes

With the exception of the Current Plan Summary, Notes are visible to both patient and provider. When writing free text notes, keep the visibility of your note in mind. With Twine, coaches use writing styles that are more motivational in nature: summarizing meaningful coaching conversations to include wellness visions, motivations for change, identified barriers and opportunities that are not captured through the creation of the Health Action Plan. If you would like to keep brief notes that are only visible to you and your colleagues using Twine, you may use the Coach's Note feature.

Creating a Note

  1. Click Add Note on the top left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Enter your free-text note in the text box that appears. Hit Save.

Viewing the Current Plan Summary

  1. To view a Current Plan Summary, that includes a text-summary of available information about Health Action plans plan adherence, goals, click on the Plan Summary Note: 
  2. If you would like to view the note, click on the Current Plan Summary to reveal details. To copy the text in this note for pasting into another file, such a note within an Electronic Health Record, click

Viewing/Sorting Automated and Free-Text Notes

  1. Sort Notes by type using the icons in the top right hand corner of the Notes tab to see automated notes generated by Twine.

  2. Notes include all free-text notes written by the patient or the coach. This is where you will see patients document their Health Action Plan edits as prompted in the patient interface


  3. To view the Notes author, view the date and time it was created/updated, edit the note text, or remove the note click on the Note within the list to reveal more details. 
  4. Annotations include all patient annotations logged with corresponding data. 
  5. To view data that corresponds with the Annotation, click on the Annotation within the list to reveal more details. 
  6. Plan Changes include a record of all updates to Health Action Plans by both patients and coaches.


  7. To view who the plan was updated by and when, click on the Plan Change note within the list to reveal more details. 
  8. Enrollment shows when patients enrolled in Twine.

  9. If the patient became Enrolled by logging into their patient application for the first time, you will see the date the patient registered for the Twine application. 
  10. If the patient was manually enrolled, you will see the provider who enrolled them and the date which occurred. 


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