Creating Identification Systems

To better integrate with their EMR and other technologies, coach admins may want to create an identification system, such as a Medical Record Number, for patients in Twine. They may add an identification system to their organization in Twine by

  1. Navigating to Organizations on their Admin dashboard
  2. Selecting the Organization for which they want to create a new identification system
  3. Opening the Profile dropdown menu and selecting Identification Systems

  4. Selecting New Identification System

  5. Filling in the Identification System Display Name (this will automatically create the System Name for the coach admins, but they are welcome to edit this as they please)
  6. Selecting Create Identification System

Coaches may find and add patients' custom IDs by

  1. Opening the patient's profile
  2. Navigating to Profile in the blue dashboard

  3. Selecting External Identifiers from the Personal Info dropdown menu

  4. There you have it! The patient's custom ID(s)

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