Create a New Team Member Account

As you prepare your organization for coaching in Twine, you will need to create accounts for your coaches. As an admin, follow the steps below to create new coach accounts. 

  1. Navigating to Team Members on your Admin dashboard 
  2. Selecting the New Team Member button
  3. Filling out the form with the team member's first name, last name, and email address and ensuring that the Send invite to confirm email address option remains checked off

  4. Assign and remove roles as appropriate (Unsure what various roles do? Check out this article.)

  5. And lastly, adding the team member to the relevant patient groups
  6. Once you select Done, an email invite will be sent to the team member asking them to confirm their email address and create a password for their Twine coach account. Please note that the button and link in this invite email will expire in 24 hours. But have no fear! If a coach is unable to sign into their account within this timeframe, an admin coach can resend this email by searching for this coach on the Admin dashboard and navigating to Emails from the Personal Info dropdown menu within their account. 
  7. You can then select to send another invite email. The chart below the red button will help you keep track of the invitations that have been sent. 

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