Managing Group Settings

As an admin coach, you have the power to edit your organization's and group(s)' profile, contact information, integrations, and more. But as you know, with great power comes great responsibility. Let's take a look at a few of these settings.

Editing Group Image and Bio

A group image and bio provides patients with a sense of familiarity when they enter Twine, and you with an opportunity to incorporate your (or your client's) branding into the app. Admin coaches can edit their group image(s) and bio(s) by

  1. Navigating to Groups on their Admin dashboard
  2. Selecting the Group they wish to edit
  3. Opening the Profile view from the dropdown menu
  4. Tapping the red upload from computer button to select a photo or logo
  5. Below, typing a short description for your group 
  6. Saving your changes by tapping the red Update Profile button at the bottom of the page

Where do patients see the group image and bio?

Your patients see your group image and bio in the Welcome Tour when they first register their Twine accounts, as well as in their Care Team in their Me page.

Editing Group Contact Information

When experiencing urgent healthcare matters, patients are advised to contact their healthcare provider directly. Admin coaches can edit the address and phone number that are provided to patients in their group(s)' settings by

  1. Navigating to Groups on their Admin dashboard
  2. Selecting the Group they wish to edit
  3. Opening the Profile dropdown menu and selecting Contact Information

  4. Filling out the form with the group's addresscitystatepostal code, and phone number

  5. Selecting Done

This is what your patients see in their Support Dashboard:

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