How do I archive a patient?

Coaches have the ability to archive patients who are no longer using your organization's coaching services. Whether a patient has relocated, opted out of coaching, etc., below are the steps for archiving a patient's account:

  1. Navigate to their Profile
  2. Select Archive History from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the Archive Patient button 
  4. Submit a reason for archiving the patient, typing additional notes if needed
  5. Once the patient has been archived, the Archive History screen will be updated with the reason that was submitted, and a lock icon will appear in their profile to reflect the change in the state of their account. 
  6. The patient's account will be moved to your Archived Dashboard, and you can re-activate the account at any time.

Note that patients can still access their account, complete health actions, and send messages in the app after being archived. 

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