Step Six: Create Team Member Accounts and Groups

Admins in Twine are able to create team member accounts for their team, add groups within their organization, and manage group and organization settings. Let's take a look at how to do all of this by following each of the links below:

  1. Create a New Team Member Account (See notes below for team member account role definitions)
  2. Create a New Group
  3. Manage Group and Organization Settings
  4. Create Identification Systems

Team Member Account Role Definitions:

  • Group Admin: Responsible for upkeep of information about the group, as well as editing participants in the event of a coach leaving or being hired; Can create new groups
  • Reporting: Access to results dashboard, affording a high level look at the efficacy of organizational processes as well as clinical outcomes
  • Roles Admin: Assigns varying levels of coaching and admin access to teammates via the roles selection of the Admin Dashboard
  • Coach Admin: Activates and deactivates Twine team member accounts. Reassigns coaches' panels of patients in accordance with changes internally (coach leaves, is hired, etc.)
  • Integrations Admin: Point person for integrations as needed (e.g. DoseSpot, Hint Health, Elation)
  • Importable Files Uploader: Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, but is not able to complete uploads
  • Importable Files Admin: Able to upload patient import files and see previous uploads, and is responsible for completing and/or deleting uploads
  • Membership Requests Admin: Able to view, approve and decline incoming group membership requests from code-based registration

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